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We invite you to share our Caribbean home and we want to welcome you for whatever reason you want to visit us. Our aim is to provide a friendly, informal and personalised stay for our guests. We would hope to give each guest time to meet with us and to discuss what they wish to gain from their time at the Hummingbird Retreat and for us to facilitate these hopes for their stay. 

You will be able to come as a day visitor to use our facilities or stay for up to a monthThere are various services we could offer our guests either directly from the retreat house staff or through collaboration with local services, such as - 

  • Group or individual retreats as bespoke retreats or as part of an organised programme of retreats with various themes eg Mindfulness and meditation; Overcoming burnout; Ignatian spirituality 

  • Therapy - art therapy, Holistic CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and ecotherapy (using nature as therapy)

  • Spiritual accompaniment (also known as spiritual direction)

  • Creative workshops eg Caribbean cooking, crafts and creative writing

  • Bird and wildlife watching

  • Personal development courses eg  Living with loss, Free to be me course​

  • Daily times of meditation and reflection

  • Visits to tourist sites locally, across the island and to neighbouring islands

  • Massages and spa treatments 

  • Volunteering opportunities at the retreat house and with community projects

  • Sports eg golf and various water sports   

  • Airport pick ups and departures

  • Digital Detox retreats-phones and laptops would be stored safely to give those who want to an opportunity to have a break from screens and social media.

"Listening is the highest form of hospitality"

Henri Nouwen​

Our rooms

There are 3 double/twin rooms which are all en suite and also a self-contained apartment. In total the house can accommodate 8 guests. Any bedroom will be available as a single room if required.

The apartment has an open-plan kitchen/living area with a private balcony that has a sea view. The apartment bedroom can be either a double or twin room and has a large walk-in wardrobe and shower room.

The house is detached and has three levels. On the middle floor are the three guest rooms and guest apartment. On this level there is also a small courtyard, a large dining/living room area, two kitchens, a laundry area and a pantry. There will also be a library and a 'sacred space' room. There is a large balcony area on this floor overlooking the sea. The garage will be converted into an art/creative workshop space which opens onto the garden. There are two further rooms on the lower floor and the top level is for private residence. There is parking space and the house is on a very quiet road. The house sits on half an acre of gently sloping land which offers various places to sit and enjoy the sea view. There are some fruit trees in the garden such as bananas, limes and papayas. Meals will be simple, home-cooked food which is locally sourced. Special diets will be catered for where possible but this may be limited due to the availability of specialised food on the island and the small size of the retreat house. Guests may be full board, half board or self-catering.

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  Our facilities

Our guests

  Our guests


Tropical Island

   The Hummingbird Retreat house 

   hopes to provide a place for -

  • ​People recovering from such things as burnout, stressful life events, bereavement, recent physical ill health or psychological difficulties

  • People who are at a crossroads in life and who need to take a step out of their regular routine to reflect on their priorities, values and where they are going

  • People who would benefit from a non-judgmental, therapeutic and contemplative space

  • People who are looking for a more simplistic and homely environment than a hotel and for those who may not be able to afford hotel prices.

  • People who are creative and want space to explore this

  • People who value retreats and are interested in holistic wellbeing

  • People who are on a spiritual journey, spiritual seekers and those wrestling with the big questions of life, those who have been hurt or felt alienated by faith communities and want a safe place to deepen their spiritual life. 

  • People who are nature lovers, wildlife watchers and eco-tourists

  • People interested in exploring Grenada away from the usual tourist spots and having opportunities to visit community projects and meet local people.​

Our Mission
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