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Hummingbird Retreat house is on the island of Grenada. Grenada is a small island in the southern part of the Caribbean with a length of 21 miles and a width of 12 miles. The total length of the coastline round the island is 75miles. It has a total population of about 113 000 people. 


The retreat house is in Bathway on the edge of Levera National Park in St Patrick, the most Northern parish of Grenada. The house is about a 30mins walk from Levera beach (in the photo) and a 5mins walk from Bathway beach. Bathway is so called due to the coral reef creating a safe pool in order for people to swim at the Bathway beach which is popular with locals. The beach is often quiet especially during weekdays. The retreat house is set back from Bathway on a quiet road, along with 4 other houses.












Due to the small size of the island, all the tourist sites and attractions that Grenada offers are within easy reach from the house including the capital, St Georges and the popular Grand Anse beach which are the main tourist destinations.

In the centre of the island is Grand Etang National Park where 

a large lake fills the crater of an extinct volcano, surrounded by rain forest which is the home of the Mona monkey, along with other Grenadian wildlife such as mongoose and armadillos.  

Levera National Park, which is about a 15mins walk away, covers 450 acres of beautiful coastline, an extinct volcano and a large lake. The lagoon is one of the most important wildlife habitats on the island and is a birdwatchers paradise with an extensive mangrove swamp attracting a wide variety of birds. The Levera Beach is one of the best Caribbean sites to see Leatherback turtles nesting. There are many opportunities around the island to go dolphin or whale watching and even in the harbour of St Georges there are some beautiful tropical fish swimming right in the heart of the capital. 

Locally there are some interesting sites to visit including a chocolate factory, natural sulphur springs renowned for their healing qualities and the town of Sauteurs. Grenada’s third largest town, Grenville, is about a 30min drive away. Throughout the island there are various beaches to explore as well as other attractions such as nutmeg factories, rum distilleries, waterfalls, treks and the famous carnivals. Sport is an important part of Grenadian culture, particularly football and cricket but there are also opportunities for other sports such as golf and numerous water sports. It is a popular destination for yachting and scuba diving.  

There are flights of around 10 hrs from the UK. Grenada has a tropical climate with temperatures between 20 - 30C all year round. Due to climate change, the seasons are not so clear cut as they used to be but generally, Grenada has a dry, cooler season from December to May, and a rainy, more humid season from June to November, however the rain is often in short heavy bursts which soon drys up in the heat. 


Grenada is an ideal site for a retreat house as the whole island has a laid back, welcoming ambience which is friendly and safe. It is a beautiful island where people naturally slow down and reflect as they enjoy the views and the warmth of both the island’s people and its weather.  

Turtle in the Reef
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