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Our vision is about restoring hope

to support those in need of recovery and rest through the retreat house and by doing so support the local Grenadian community.


Hummingbird Retreat house will be run by Hummingbird HOPE which is a registered nonprofit corporation in Grenada. Any profits from Hummingbird Retreat will be fed back into the business as well as being used to fund local projects. Hummingbird HOPE is supported through our umbrella organisation Whole Person Health Trust which is a registered charity in the UK. 

Hummingbird HOPE has two main aims -

1.   To provide a retreat house called Hummingbird Retreat 

2.  To initiate new projects in Grenada or support existing ones,

      under the following headings-


Health- improving physical, psychological and spiritual health and well-being

Opportunities – training, employment and any other opportunities that                                                empower people to reach their full potential

Peaceful partnerships – to encourage healthy relationships and mutual                                              understanding in families and communities

Environment- to protect the natural environment and wildlife and

                                promote eco-friendly practices

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"Deep within the core of hope is the belief that things can change. No matter how awful or uncertain they are at the moment, things can turn out better. Possibilities exist. Hope sustains you."

(Barbara Fredrickson)

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Our vision




   The Hummingbird Retreat would offer - 


  • A therapeutic space which offers a safe, relaxed space where guests are welcomed as they are and where people are free to feel at home.  It would offer a space where people can come away from the pressures of everyday life to find some refreshment and restoration from life’s struggles and stress. Various therapies would be available but particularly Holistic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, art therapy and ecotherapy. 

  • A creative space where people can dabble with art and experiment with creativity. Where there is permission to enjoy the process and the play of creativity and not necessarily worry about the end result. It would also be a space for experienced artists and writers to use as a retreat and creative space.

  • A spiritual space where people can pause from daily life and reflect more on their life's purpose, values and future direction. A place where there are opportunities to connect with the Divine in prayer, meditation or whatever is lifegiving in your spiritual life; to connect in the ordinary moments of the day as well as in the breathtaking beauty of the natural world on our doorstep. 

Our name

Hummingbirds are seen round the retreat house and in Grenada there are four varieties of hummingbirds. They are a good symbol of retreats because they are able to fly backwards and so symbolise the stepping back from our routine lives. They are also a good symbol for being a contemplative in action, a reminder of being centred and still within the busyness of daily life.

They are busy searching for nectar and due to their long beaks they can reach the most inner parts of a flower for the sweetest nectar. So they are also a reminder to seek out the good in life and to search deep into each moment for the goodness within. They are a symbol of perfect balance and a reminder about finding our own balance in life.

Within Indigenous American traditions the hummingbird represents eternity and their wings move in the pattern of an infinity symbol, a symbol of eternity. In South American traditions such as the Aztecs, the hummingbird was a symbol of rebirth, resurrection and new life and so a sign of hope. 

Our Mission
Rock Maze


  • Creating a welcoming and inclusive community made up of staff, volunteers and guests 

  • Being eco-friendly such as using a water cistern to collect rain water, solar panels, minimizing waste and encouraging people to use Fly Green to book flights

  • A place of hospitality which offers a  homely, informal setting

  • Nonprofit making where all profit goes into the charity Hummingbird HOPE which will run the retreat house and support local community projects

  • A place of compassion, stillness and peace that encourages well-being and wholeness in body, mind and spirit. 

  • Supporting local businesses such as using locally sourced food and exhibiting work of local artists

  • Providing opportunities for guests to get to know Grenada and its people rather than just the usual tourist sites, such as opportunities to visit local events and to help with community projects supported by Hummingbird HOPE

  • Provide retreats at a price that makes them accessible to the widest range of people and offering some at reduced ratesfor those most in need

  • A place of learning which encourages curiosity, openness and learning from each other

  • We follow a rhythm of life symbolized by the Celtic trefoil of contemplative stillness, creative study and compassionate service

  • Following in the tradition of Celtic and Contemplative monastic communities within Christian traditions, with an ethos that respects and welcomes all faiths and spiritual journeys.  

  • We seek to be authentic and whole,  recognising both our strengths and weaknesses on this journey. 

Our values

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