Fundraising Projects

Tours around the house

Solar Panels on Roof

Eco-friendly house

Solar panels would cost about £10,000 and would need to be specially coated to reduce erosion from the sea air. These would enable the house to use solar power. A large underground cistern is planned to collect rainwater to be used for non-drinking purposes and this would cost £8,072. 

Olive Oil Soap

Shower rooms

There are 5 en-suite shower rooms which need replacing. They each need new tiles on the floors and walls, new toilets, basins and shower units. Ideally it would also be useful to have a guest toilet on the main floor added for day visitors. The total cost of the shower rooms and guest toilet is £9,946. 

White Tableware


There is a large kitchen which needs to be updated so that it can be used to prepare food for guests and for those wishing to self cater. Adjacent to this is a small kitchen which will be used for guests when the main kitchen is in use. The main kitchen refurbishment will cost £3,931 and the small kitchen will cost £2,506.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning

This is something that is possible to live without but most guests expect  air conditioning now in tropical climates. It is especially important for the library because books need to be at a comfortable room temperatures in order not to yellow or curl up. Each unit costs £1000 and there are 8 rooms needing air conditioning. 


Art room

The garage is a large space which opens onto the garden and so is ideal for an art room and creative space. Storage space is going to be made at the far end and there will be a sink added and possibly a toilet leaving plenty of space to be creative in the centre of the room. The building work needed would be £1,284 and £862 to furnish and buy art supplies. 



Ideally it would be great to have a new vehicle but a nearly new vehicle would be fine. With some rough roads, including our own road to the retreat house, a 4 wheel drive is ideal. We would like to get an 8 seater car and have been advised to get a Toyota or Honda as parts for other makes are difficult to get in Grenada. A second-hand vehicle such as a Toyota Estima would cost about £20,000